SCRAP ! Calla Henkel scraps Paris in good company
22 March 2024 07:00PM

Can't wait for you to squeeze in on March 22th to feast on the release of SCRAP by Calla Henkel. Calla will be in conversation with pop icon / actress Lily McMenamy.

There was something about the unspooling of a sociopath over computer speakers that enabled me to fall into my deepest state of concentration while binding books. Someone is always guilty – this is the intrinsic propulsion of true crime, and after countless hours I was an expert on cell phone towers, cadaver dogs, rogue psychics, genealogists, fibers and credit card trails. I could recognize a psychopath from speech patterns and I was deeply familiar with the sparked flint of a serial killer’s eye. Now that I look back, it was almost as if I’d been preparing for Naomi’s murder, lifting the metaphorical weights, readying myself to unwind my red ball of yarn and trace her life on my wall.

Calla Henkel is a writer, playwright, director and artist. Together with Max Pitegoff, she currently operates a theatre in Los Angeles, US, called New Theater Hollywood. Henkel’s previous novel Other People’s Clothes was released in 2022.

 - SCRAP ! Calla Henkel scraps Paris in good company