T▇▇ 謝▇
Salty Wet

香港冇了. “There is no Hong Kong anymore.” These four words have been on the lips of my colleagues, friends and family. Even if you have never been, every Chinatown is a facsimile of Hong Kong. The city’s specter also lives in pop culture, movies and cantopop and video games, and in these projections, we live its simulacrum. In history, dead cities have their morbid enigma and mythology from Pompeii to Rome. But if I could find coherence in living through political decay, outside of the frameworks of news journalism or historiography, then perhaps I would be able to find a more human way to mourn Hong Kong.

咸濕 (Salty Wet) is an anti-travelogue essay on distance and desire within and without Hong Kong.

Published by Inpatient Press, 2019
Zines / Urban Studies / Material Culture / Book Culture

Price: 10€

T▇▇ 謝▇  - Salty Wet