RULE C, a reader

1 AI 2 Art Workers Coalition 3 Wages for Housework 4 Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers! 5 Comité Invisible 6 General Idea 7 Bernadette Corporation 8 HARD-CORE 9 Critical Art Ensemble10 Abounaddara 11 Collective Actions 12 subRosa 13 Black Audio Film Collective 14 Artist Placement Group 15 Bureau for Open Culture 16 DAAR 17 Freee 18 Sankofa Film and Video Collective 19 Group Material 20 BANK 21 Wondrich/Goldsmith 22 Fashion Moda 23 Dillemuth/Davies/Jacobsen 24 Raqs Media Collective

This publication was born as a working tool then printed in a limited edition of 50 as a result of the project RULE C, a site-specific programme of talks, screenings, exhibitions and performances that took place in 2015 as a spontaneous community formed by friends, artists, thinkers and cultural producers.

Published by Atelier Impopulaire, 2016
Design by Luca Iiriti
Anthologies / Art Spaces / Artists' Writings

Price: 30€