DEWAR, Daniel; GICQUEL, Grégory
Rosa Aurora

Thinking about sculptural materials inevitably brings first marble to mind. It's the one classical material that shaped the western art canon; it also has a very worldy usage, not just in churches and pillars of representational buildings, but in mundane bathrooms. Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel play with this multitde of usages, while also bringing up less used materials for sculpture like granite, to make sculptural forms full of humour—between abstract, almost raw blocks and, at the same time oddly disbalanced works, because of the at times banale looking sinks or showers. Thereby bringing together the bodylike features of the material that were also restrained because of the preference that white carrara marble had for centuries.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Le nu et la roche at HAB Galerie in Nantes. Texts by Véronique Wiesinger and Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel. Bilingual edition English/French.


Published by Triangle Books, 2017
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DEWAR, Daniel; GICQUEL, Grégory - Rosa Aurora