BARUCHELLO, Gianfranco

72 frames from Gianfranco Baruchello Retard,1996. We see the artist's left hand holding a stopwatch to measure the  time that elapses between the first and the second image. As the title suggests, the two seconds that elapse between the shots of the same element - such as a bush, leaves, some trees, among others - point to a delay or a time shift between the first image and the second. So this is the point where there is an irreversible, though invisible, change because, "in view of the time that has elapsed, if objects are shown in two successive moments, the second cannot be identical to the first in terms of both form and substance".

[publisher's note]

Published by Arbor Editions, 2020

Price: 14€

BARUCHELLO, Gianfranco - Retard