JUST, Valentin

“The figures in Valentin Just’s drawings look empty and white, possessing few individual traits or markers. In most cases their gender can be discerned and sometimes their clothes hint at a specific reason for their presence. A group of characters wearing slim-fit Hedi Slimane suits with ties, seen from a distance, appear again and again. Sometimes these figures have mouths, sometimes only eyes, making them look like aliens. I’m interested in the information content of these figures against the backdrop of the spaces in which they appear.”—Inka Meißner

Regulate gathers 18 colour and black and white reproductions of drawings by Leipzig-based artist Valentin Just, and an essay by Inka Meißner, in English and German.

Published by Lubok Verlag, 2019
Design by Daniel Rother

Price: 20€

JUST, Valentin - Regulate