Regarding Head Shape

Ryann Bosetti's Regarding Head Shape: Acknowledgment Of The Haircut As Form is a book of hairdressing and form. Ryann Bosetti, with a background in traditional mathematical hairdressing speaks of her realization of the importance of intuition and individuality in haircuts. Originally written as an essay during her time in Marfa, Texas Bosetti writes in her prologue, "Without dismissing the role of a fundamental structural standard in the architecture of the Haircut, it is my intent to review the subjective constructive consciousness and complex human dynamic that may replace the concept of mere replication as the backbone of this process....The variance between the mindset of the conventional Hairdresser and that of the progressive Hairdresser lies in their decision to accept or reject the cryptic challenge of this subjective artistic method." This book was typeset by Scott Ponik. "

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BOSETTI, Ryann - Regarding Head Shape