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DRUCKER, Johanna DRUCKER, Johanna Graphesis. Visual Forms of Knowledge Production Harvard University Press Graphic Design / Media Studies / Essays 25€ 25€
LOVE, Heather LOVE, Heather Feeling backward. Loss and the politics of queer history Harvard University Press 2009 Queer Culture 22€ 22€
MCPHERSON, Tara MCPHERSON, Tara Feminist in a software lab Harvard University Press 2018 Graphic Design / Feminism 25€ 25€
NGAI, Sianne NGAI, Sianne Theory of the Gimmick. Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form Harvard University Press 2020 Cultural Studies / Essays / Art Theory 34€ 34€
NGAI, Sianne NGAI, Sianne Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting Harvard University Press 2015 Art Theory / Essays / Philosophy 24€ 24€
PRESNER, Todd; SHEPARD, David; KAWANO, Yoh PRESNER, Todd; SHEPARD, David; KAWANO, Yoh Hypercities Harvard University Press Urban Studies / Essays / 25€ 25€
SCHNAPP, Jeffrey T.; BATTLES, Matthew SCHNAPP, Jeffrey T.; BATTLES, Matthew The Library Beyond the Book Harvard University Press Book Culture / Essays 23€ 23€