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AGUADO, Víctor; DEL BUEY, Ramón; LABELLE, Brandon (eds) AGUADO, Víctor; DEL BUEY, Ramón; LABELLE, Brandon (eds) Party Studies #1 Errant Bodies Press Cultural Studies 18€ 18€
BASBAUM, Ricardo BASBAUM, Ricardo Diagrams, 1994–ongoing Errant Bodies Press Monographs / Artists' Books 28€ 28€
DEWEY, Fred DEWEY, Fred The School of Public Life Errant Bodies Press Essays / Cultural Studies 12€ 12€
ECKHARDT, Julie (ed.) ECKHARDT, Julie (ed.) Grounds for possible music Errant Bodies Press 2018 Music & Sound / Gender Studies 18€ 18€
FARINATI, Lucia; FIRTH, Claudia FARINATI, Lucia; FIRTH, Claudia The Force of Listening Errant Bodies Press 2017 Music & Sound / Feminism 11€ 11€
MARAMBIO, Camila; VICUÑA, Cecilia MARAMBIO, Camila; VICUÑA, Cecilia Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja Errant Bodies Press 2019 Artists' Writings / Conversations / Ecology / Postcolonial Studies 12€ 12€