ELMSLIE, Kenward
Postcards on Parade

Postcards on Parade explores the glorious traditions of the American musical, gives them a spin, and injects them with surreal pizazz and linguistic highs in this concept musical for the 1990s.

Three gatherings of dealers and collectors of old postcards provide reality that is constantly confronted and undermined by free-ranging fantasy, as postcard images spring unpredictably into song and dance. As these postcard clan gatherings move from Narragansett to Miami Beach to Wichita, one couple, Stan and Valerie, split, and a second couple, Kevin and Tim, impacted by AIDS, deepen their commitment. [publisher’s note]

Published by Bamberger Books, 1993

Price: 15€ 20€

ELMSLIE, Kenward  - Postcards on Parade