Periodico #4

“Our intentions with this issue were clear – brands, galleries and institutions were invited to purchase as many pages as needed, at 200.-/spread. In the making of this issue, we often found ourselves complicit in a dual role: not merely publisher but an agency or intermediary, working with photographers and artists to produce a series of image-based ads for the advertiser in question. Will advertising ever be truly illusive again? Or have its incursions into every aspect of daily life exposed its once-cunning subterfuge? These days, we don’t take for granted that we’re being sold to, every step of the way.” Hmm.

With photographs by Marie Angeletti, Marc Asekhame, Ondine Azoulay, James Bantone
Will Benedict, Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite, Ursina Gysi, Sylvie Fleury & Gili Tal, Mark Kokopeli, Arnaud Lajeunie, Paul Levack, Ilya Lipkin, Sveta Mordovskaya, Marlie Mul, Kaspar Müller, Bob Nickas, Walter Pfeiffer, Mathias Renner, Heji Shin, Lukas Wassmann.

Published by Periodico, 2020
Design by Teo Schifferli
Periodicals / Scenes / Fashion / Photography

Price: 10€

ASEKHAME, Marc; SCHIFFERLI, Teo (eds.) - Periodico #4