Painting Backdrop Picture

“Think of the usual words that describe the manual labor of painting: Staple. Seal. Screw. Scrape. Slather. Scumble. Smear. Then throw that vocabulary out, because Matthew Lutez-Kinoy’s techniques are quite unlike the workaday slapping down of paint slabs with a rough brush. To capture the goings-on in his work, words like deliquescence and efflorescence come to mind instead, and we need a verb list borrowed from the procedures of gardening and sewing, surgery and chemistry: Cultivate. Pluck. Border. Stitch. Expose. Infect. Absorb. Distill. Infuse.”
—Amy Sillman

A rich and overstimulating book—Matthew Lutz-Kinoy’s first monograph—surveying more than 150 paintings, realized over the last decade. Thanks to Norm’s layout, the arrangement of pictures reads musically: each series reveals their own coherence, its own “color,” while the continuity of the whole unfolds page after page. A short text by the artist, and an essay by Amy Sillman, add to the pleasure offered to readers / viewers by Painting Backdrop Picture.

Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2022
Design by Norm
Monographs / Painting

Price: 29.8€

LUTZ-KINOY, Matthew - Painting Backdrop Picture