Goys&Birls (ed.)
NXS Issue #1 (Spring 2017): Cyber Sensuality

NXS is a biannual publication that experiments with innovative content consideration and brings together different points of view. With a diverse selection of upcoming or established theorists and practitioners, NXS builds up its content on an initial position and interlaced articles, essays, interviews and artistic work referring to each other.

 NXS aims to explore the emotional and sensual side of hardware, software and algorithms, that normally have been assessed by their  functionality, aesthetics and ethics. NXS invites artists, theorists, poets and off-context cultural participator to capture the current emotional status of our networked society and hardware-enhanced relationships. [publisher’s note]

With contributions by Bruno Zhu, Trudy Barber, Jack Self, Marilou Chabert, Reese Riley, Hector Latrille, Aidan Doyle, Marie Tomanova, Jacob Kerray, Helin Sahin, Raf Rennie, Ines Alpha, Matt McMullen, and Celestin Kier. 

Published by NXS, 2017
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Periodicals / Media Studies / Design

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