Nothing personal (eds.)
Nothing Personal : Pilot Issue

“Nothing Personal is a new magazine for art, essays and reviews, based in Glasgow. It was co-founded by Calum Sutherland, Maria Howard, Esther Draycott and Kiah Endelman Music in 2020. Normally, the caveat precedes an opinion: It’s nothing personal but… Whoever states the phrase lets themselves off the hook. Someone is told: I don’t mean to offend. Sincere or disingenuous, with hopes to hurt or to soothe, these words create a tension. It both is and isn’t personal. In terms of the magazine, this phrase introduces the contradictions inherent to criticism––the way, despite attempts otherwise, it cannot help but be revealing of both itself and its subject. In Nothing Personal, the anecdotal offers a bridge to the political, social and aesthetic, and vice versa. The writing within works at this intersection, knowing that the subjective can disguise the structural just as easily as the objective can mask the intimate.""

Featuring contributions from Neil Clements, Rosie Dowd-Smyth, Esther Draycott, Kiah Endelman Music, Maria Howard, Loll Jung, Rhett Leinster, Lindsey Jean McLean, Oliver McConnie, Aman Sandhu, Calum Sutherland, Swapnaa Tamhane, Julia Tulke. [publisher's note]


Published by Nothing Personal Magazine, 2021
Periodicals / Art Theory

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