TUTTI, Cosey Fanni
Art Sex Music [new edition]

“There was much talk at school about music, boyfriends, fashion and sexual awakenings and I bought into that for a while. Then one day, as I was looking out of my bedroom window, daydreaming, I realised I wasn’t that interested in entering the grown-up world sooner than I needed to. I had another option. […] I made a decision to opt-out of ‘growing up’.”

New edition of Cosey Fanni Tutti’s “darkly funny,” “consistently fascinating,” “shocking, wise, and life-affirming” memoir. 

Older version available here !

Published by Faber & Faber, 2020
Design by Luke Bird
Biographies / Counterculture / Performance / Music & Sound / Scenes

Price: 15€

TUTTI, Cosey Fanni - Art Sex Music [new edition]