KOHASSIAN, Grimby; PIMBOTE, Buckshot (eds.)
Never Settle!

Never Settle! is an activity booklet for minds young and old who are curious about the exciting growing field of SAVAGE PHILOSOPHY. Prepare for a career as an accomplice in the New Red Order with fun games, puzzles, and plenty of brain teasers. Never Settle! will get you ready to capture culture and commit crimes against reality…

Never Settle! is an ongoing, collaborative educational effort between Inpatient Press and filmmakers Adam and Zack Khalil, who lead with Jackson Polys the collaborative collective New Red Order (NRO). The activity booklet was published in conjunction with NRO’s project of the same title at the 1st Toronto Biennial of Art in 2019, that included a public recruitment campaign and a participatory installation that invites prospective recruits to undergo an initiation. Playing with the notion of headhunting, NRO seeks to enlist candidates in their public secret society, thereby investigating shame and the desire for indigeneity.

Contributors: Peter Christian, Mekko Harjo, Suzanne Kite, Walter Smith & Walker Tate. 

Published by Inpatient Press, 2019
Design by Inpatient Press

Price: 5€

KOHASSIAN, Grimby; PIMBOTE, Buckshot (eds.) - Never Settle!