CHARPY, Manuel (ed.)
Modes Pratiques : Special Issue

This issue of Modes Pratiques is a collection of translations into English of papers published in the first 2 issues of the journal – the themes of which were “Norms and Transgressions” and “Without Fashion” – as well as several new papers, interviews, and portfolios.

Who will you meet in this special issue? An artist who scans clothes; gentlewomen and gentlemen who are forbidden from displaying their own superfluity; ballroom queens; perfect men and average men; workers in overalls; a magician of fancy dress; French suburban Voguers voguing; air hostesses and stewards and their uniforms; elegant men without style; women who fought fashion’s excesses; timeless Amish; veiled women of the French Revolution; Chinese men and women who burn the clothes for their ancestors; a funk adept from Niger turned Islamic prophet; window mannequins; Kanaks in manous; Sioux on a reservation; nudists in Bavaria; a hippy librarian in San Francisco; multi-generational feminists; hipster farmers in the south of France; wild boys in Morocco; Parisian girls under the Occupation; lexicographers… [publisher's note]

Published by École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, 2018
Design by Patrice Verdière
Periodicals / Fashion

Price: 30€

CHARPY, Manuel (ed.) - Modes Pratiques : Special Issue