Marie and William

With Marie and William, Alex Cecchetti attempts to transpose the performative gesture in the space of the book … The artist knows that “a story is an object, but one that does not take any space for storage, or not as much as a painting or a sculpture.” Indeed, the story of Marie and William, a performance by the artist, assumes the shape of a book. The content—photography, drawings, and captions—is stylishly arranged on the pages, visually akin to a collage—scanned, not 3D-printed. The story is rendered flat, but like so many stories captured in surfaces, it deals with movement. “Think of a dance manual, or a script made of stills. In fact, does not even know it is a book, it thinks itself to be a record on a turn table…

Published by MIDI / Mousse Publishing, 2015
Design by Åbäke
Artists' Books

Price: 16€

CECCHETTI, Alex - Marie and William

CECCHETTI, Alex - Marie and William