DURBIN, Andrew
MacArthur Park

After Hurricane Sandy, Nick Fowler, a writer, stranded alone in a Manhattan apartment without power, begins to contemplate disaster. Months later, at an artist residency in upstate New York, Nick finds his subject in disaster itself and the communities shaped by it, where crisis animates both hope and denial, unacknowledged pasts and potential futures. As he travels to Los Angeles and London on assignment, Nick discovers that outsiders—their lives and histories disturbed by sex, loss, and bad weather—are often better understood by what they have hidden from the world than what they have revealed.

Andrew Durbin’s debut novel asks what it means to belong to a place, an idea, and a time, even as those things begin to slip away. [publisher’s note]

You may recognize Thomas Eggerer’s painting Fence Romance from 2009 reproduced on the cover of the book.

Published by Nightboat, 2017
Design by Familiar
Literature / Queer Culture

Price: 20€

DURBIN, Andrew - MacArthur Park