Love Poems

Flowers, blood, jewels.

“With three simple poems, Rene Ricard exposes us to the often strained love within class stratification, between those coming together from different worlds, whether Bowery panhandlers or street hustlers, Hollywood movie stars or the highest echelon of European aristocratic wealth. Rene Ricard writes poems that are always honest. Sometimes painfully so.”
—Patrick Fox

Reprising the rare, eponymous book published by Richard Hell through CUZ Editions in 1999, Love Poems features three poems by Rene Ricard and a series of black-and-white drawings by Robert Hawkins.

Translated into French by Rachel Valinsky and Manon Lutanie, and presented in a bilingual edition, the poems are followed by a newly commissioned afterword by Hawkins retracing his encounter, friendship, and collaboration with Ricard. [publishers’ note]

Édité d’après le livre publié par Richard Hell aux éditions CUZ en 1999, Love Poems présente trois longs poèmes de Rene Ricard et une série de dessins en noir et blanc du peintre américain Robert Hawkins.

Traduits en français par Rachel Valinsky et Manon Lutanie et présentés dans une édition bilingue, les poèmes sont suivis d’une postface inédite de Robert Hawkins, qui raconte sa rencontre, son amitié et sa collaboration avec l’auteur.

Published by Éditions Lutanie, 2024
Design by Manon Lutanie
Poetry / Facsimile & Reprints

Price: 20€

RICARD, Rene - Love Poems