HILL, Pati
Letters to Jill

A facsimile of a book originally published by Pati Hill in 1979, at the occasion of an exhibition at Kornblee Gallery in New York, Letters to Jill. a catalogue and some notes on copying is an excellent introduction to Hill’s work, and notably to her “copy work,” i. e. the amazing prints she made with the photocopy machines of her time: using an office appliance then overlooked, the (then complex) use of it was left to female “key operators,” she made Xerox prints of daily objects, most of them closely related to the work and life of women. 

The book came as an attempt for Hill to “explain” her work to gallery director Jill Kornblee; it was also conceived as a “compendium” of Hill’s previous publications as an artist and a writer. This reprint is published on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition of Pati Hill’s work at Kunstverein München. 

Published by Mousse Publishing / Kunstverein München, 2020
Facsimile & Reprints / Artists' Books / Artists' Writings / Feminism / Photography / Book Culture

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HILL, Pati - Letters to Jill