ACKER, Kathy
Kathy Acker (1971–1975)

This book gathers for the first time the early writings by Kathy Acker: early poems, tapuscrits, diary entries, correspondence—most of them previously unreleased! The book features several letters to Bernadette Mayer, as well as documents related to two experimental videotapes Acker made with Alan Sondheim in 1974. Carefully edited and annotated by Claire Finch and Justin Gajoux, Kathy Acker (1971–1975) gives an insight of Acker’s writing lab, while critical notes and the introduction discuss Acker’s work in relation to contemporary queer approaches to writing and language.

“A must-have.” 


Published by Éditions Ismael, 2019

Price: 35€

ACKER, Kathy - Kathy Acker (1971–1975)