GRITZ, Anna (ed.)
Judith Hopf. A Reader

I think it can only be because of memory-of-knowing-how that we made it through the grey days in cities in general–and through the greyness of Berlin in particular–that we made it through again and again. Because the streets switched directions too, rushing towards us a whole lot faster. Bicycles became utterly useless. Just looking at them knocked the air out of their tyres. What's more, ticket prices increased and coins no longer fit in the slots of vending machines. [Judith Hopf, Stepping Stairs]
With texts by Kathy Acker, Madeleine Bernstorff, Sabeth Buchmann, Maurin Dietrich, Anna Gritz, John Hejduk, Judith Hopf, Monika Rinck, Avital Ronell, Annette Wehrmann

Published by KW, 2018
Artists' Writings / Monographs

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GRITZ, Anna (ed.) - Judith Hopf. A Reader

GRITZ, Anna (ed.) - Judith Hopf. A Reader