Judith Hopf, Henrik Olesen. Türen

Doors, an exhibition at the Portikus, shows a collaborative project developed by Judith Hopf and Henrik Olesen. Doors offers passageways, entrances and exits, detours and cul-de-sacs, and repeatedly asks the viewer to come to a new decision. The different possibilities of action - opening doors, moving (backward) in space - engender new spatial constellations. They affect what is behind, what remains initially hidden from view, and necessitate unforeseen changes in direction and sidestepping gestures. This sculptural space, conceived as a model and designed in the manner of a stage setting, at once also presents an exaggerated delineation of social patterns, in which limitations, compulsions, contradictions and strictures, but also possibilities for decisions emerge into view.

Published by Portikus, 2007
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Price: 20€