DILLON, Martha (ed.)
It's freezing in LA! Issue 7

2020 saw the number of net zero pledges promised by global governments and businesses double. As yet, there is no assurance these pledges will do enough to decarbonise our economies, while the intertwined problems of social inequity, biodiversity collapse, pollution and resource depletion remain huge challenges. Issue 7 of It’s Freezing in LA explores what regeneration might mean: the messy, necessary, complex climate actions that truly protect our planet; it considers people and movements that put climate action under a broad lens, climate activists moving into digital spaces, artists challenging conventional narratives about oil politics, and concerning efforts to put a price on nature. It also reflects on regenerative approaches in a wide array of different spaces: slow fashion in the South Asian diaspora, handling death sustainably, restorative agriculture, and regenerative social housing. [publisher's note]

Published by It's Freezing in LA!, 2021
Periodicals / Ecology

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DILLON, Martha (ed.) - It's freezing in LA! Issue 7