MYCKET (eds.)
Girls Like Us vol.2 #13

The new issue of Girls Like Us, guest-edited by the Swedish queer art and architecture collective MYCKET, is dedicated to The Club Scene. Amazing ephemera from clubs is interlaced with a script-like conversation between the editors and a cast of characters who embody the history, the feelings, the walls, the ideas, the bodies, the fictions, that are essential to the clubs—the whole issue developing as a dynamic, mobile, queer archive.

“Missing the clubs of the past in one thing, not being able to dance a whole other thing.”
—Jessica Gysel

“The Club Scene is explored as a queer performative architecture acting as a supportive and life-sustaining space in dominator culture. A space that generates desire, generously supports our bodies and our bravest political ideas. A shared playground for nonconformist feeling and movement.
We are compiling this publication after working ourselves through the entire queer nightclub and then coming out again. It took us nine years. To begin, we had to find each other on the street/ sidewalk to gather courage to enter. Together, we crossed the threshold, braved the entryway, hung up our coats, and got changed in the wardrobe. We then spent time on the dance floor, in the bar, the stairs, the dark room, and even the broom closet, until we were so filled with encounters, insights, feelings, movements, visions, conversations that we could leave – because the queer nightclub would never leave us. Through fictional writing we invoke an archive of nightclubs, a unique archive not found in the library but in our bodies and in the crowd. An archive as diverse as the people who go clubbing. An archive that has been within and between bodies now takes a written form. Our hope is that it might enter our bodies again and begin to transform the habitual world. If it manages, even a little, to trouble existing histories and structures, it will be a success.”

Published by Girls Like Us, 2021
Periodicals / Queer Culture / Dance

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MYCKET (eds.) - Girls Like Us vol.2 #13