ADNAN, Etel; FATTAL, Simone; WILSON, Bob
Garden of Memory

Etel Adnan, Simone Fattal and Robert Wilson create a universe where poetry, sound and sculpture overlap, as well as a framework that enables them to construct situations in which memories are transformed into objects, objects into memories, fiction into reality, and reality into fiction. It is based on a succession of these shared memories and experiences, manifested in the form of a mental landscape, a non-linear narrative and a choreography filled with both immutable and variable elements. The thrust behind it all is the reading of a poem by Etel Adnan, Surge. [publisher’s note]

The book, published in conjunction with an exhibition at Musée Yves Saint-Laurent in Marrakech, Morocco, include poems and an essay by Etel Adnan, as well as a conversation between Etel Adnan, Simone Fattal, and Mouna Mekouar.  

Textes en Anglais et en Français / Texts in English and French.

Published by Koenig Books, 2018
Design by Ho-Sook Kang
Literature / Group Shows

Price: 22€

ADNAN, Etel; FATTAL, Simone; WILSON, Bob - Garden of Memory