WOODMAN, Francesca; CASETTI, Giuseppe (ed.); STOCCHI, Francesco (ed.)
Francesca Woodman. Roma 1977–1981

Published on the occasion of an exhibition dedicated to Francesca Woodman (1958–1981) held in Rome in May–June 2011, this very special monograph proposes a moving and lively collection of photographs, letters, postcards, drawings, by the artist: works and documents of her life, and her exchanges with friends in Rome, where she had spent the year 1977–78 and had her first exhibition at the Maldoror bookshop, run by Paolo Missigoi and Giuseppe Casetti.

Texts in Italian and English; with English translations of Woodman’s letters in Italian.

Unwrapped copy, in a very good state; the card stapled on the cover (a facsimile of a calling card for Woodman?) is slighlty torn.

Published by AGMA, 2011
Design by Dorothea Brunialti
Monographs / Photography

Price: 180€