IANNONE, Dorothy
Eros Paintings

Eros Paintings is a collection of full color erotic paintings by American artist Dorothy Iannone. Named for the Greek god of love (known as Cupid in Roman mythology), Iannone’s publication centers on work created over a three-year period between 1969 and 1971, all of which seek to affirm sexual pleasure, experience, and erotic love, through both visual and integrated text elements.

Influenced by cultures and religions from the Asian, African, and European continents, Iannone’s work draws on various artistic sources, influencing form, medium, and subject. In one painting, I Begin to Feel Free (1970), Iannone depicts herself and former partner Swiss artist Dieter Roth as Antony and Cleopatra.[publisher's note]

Published by Innen, 2019
Comics & Illustrations / Artists' Books / Painting

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IANNONE, Dorothy  - Eros Paintings