ATKINS, Ed; TRUMMER, Thomas D. (ed.)
Ed Atkins

A concise and energetic monograph—a small white brick that explodes in three parts: it opens with an intense flow of images assembled by Ed Atkins; slows down with snowy exhibition views from his show at Kunsthaus Bregenz early 2019; and finds a reflexive pace as it ends with a text by artist Helen Marten about Atkins’ Old Food, essays by Steven Zultanski and by Thomas Oberender, a Contemporary Art Writing Daily text, and a conversation between Thomas D. Trummer, curator of the show in Bregenz, and the artist. 

Bilingual German/English. Published after the exhibition, Ed Atkins at Kunsthaus Bregenz (19 January – 31 March 2019).

Published by Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2019
Design by HIT

Price: 32€

ATKINS, Ed; TRUMMER, Thomas D. (ed.) - Ed Atkins