ROTH, Dieter; VOLPATO, Elena (ed.)
Dieter Roth. Pages

This volume brings together for the first time all Dieter Roth's books, diaries and notebooks in one single publication—complete with images and technical descriptions—showing how, in every page, as well as in all his visual artworks, Roth followed a principle of inexhaustible variation. Starting from an original, often handwritten text, which he generally arranged in layers and complemented with writings and drawings, he developed a series of consecutive texts, each being fully shaped in a self-contained form, and yet providing the very reason and possible starting point for the following book. Roth and his series of copies and alterations narrate the journey of a 20th-century self who, at every step, and with every development, is forced to observe his own gradual and inescapable disgregation. [publisher's note]

Published by FLAT, 2018
Book Culture / Monographs

Price: 50€

ROTH, Dieter; VOLPATO, Elena (ed.) - Dieter Roth. Pages