BARTHOLOMEW, Henry (ed.)
Dangerous Dimensions

Unlike nineteenth-century Gothic fiction, which tends to fixate on the past, the haunted and the ghostly, early weird fiction probes the very boundaries of reality – the laws and limits of time, space and matter. Here, unimaginable terrors lurk in hitherto unknown mirror dimensions, calamities in ultra-space threaten to wipe clean all evidence of our universe, and experiments in non-Euclidean geometry lead to sickening consequences.

In twelve speculative tales of our universe’s mathematics and physics gone awry, this new anthology presents an abundance of curiosities – and terrors – with stories from Jorge Luis Borges, Miriam Allen deFord, Frank Belknap Long and Algernon Blackwood.

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Published by British Library, 2021
Design by Mauricio Villamayor

Price: 12€

BARTHOLOMEW, Henry (ed.) - Dangerous Dimensions