ABASHIDZE, Elene; JORJADZE, Irine (eds.)
Danarti #12 — Made Pictures

Danarti issue twelve is dedicated to Davit Kakabadze’s sketches of the ornaments of Georgian heritage. This small part of the artist’s legacy sheds light not only onto his interests and methodology of research, but also on artistic methods and specificities of the medieval art and art of the avant-garde. The so called “Picture Making”* or studying pictures, which could be considered as classical and scientific methods of arranging objects – either within a genre or across multiple genres – often implies elusive relations, while also being characterized by quiet lucidity. In our attempt to read the forms and methods of the art of the past in the light of today we have talked with two contemporary artists of different positions. Relating to the artists or the artistic and scientific methods of the past and the present, reading history, multiplicity of light, time and space can resemble a repeated and, at the same time, unrepeatable plexus. [publisher's note]

Contributors: David Kakabadze, Levan Chogoshvili, Andro Semeiko.

Published by Danarti / Grifoni, 2019

Price: 5€

ABASHIDZE, Elene; JORJADZE, Irine (eds.) - Danarti #12 — Made Pictures