Col sporcar si trova

"Yuki Kimura's work exists both as an elegant, static, physical form with a calmly assertive presence in space, and as an immaterial, wandering, and vibrating force reflective of all that exists around and throughout it—in the negative, so to speak. It initiates processes of transformation and is transformative itself, which may at first appear counterintuitive to its static appearance. The passive, mute, and durable world of objects and physical matter that one encounters in her work becomes a place of dynamic processes and shapeshifting, where the stable appearance and order of things are profoundly transformed. Kimura's work operates beyond language, occupying an entirely visual sphere, but communicates at a highly visceral and embodied level of perception."—Kathrin Bentele [publisher's note]

Published by Mousse Publishing, 2023

Price: 27€

KIMURA, Yuki - Col sporcar si trova