Cathodic Works 1966-1976

1-1 Black Video 1 59:00
1-2 Black Video 2 28:00
1-3 Black Spiral 6:00
1-4 Black Video 1 Projections 18:00
1-5 Interview At The Black Gate Theatre 2:00
2-1 Minus One 21:00
2-2 6673 32:00
2-3 Clone 40:00

Double DVD release presenting for the first time a selection of the cathodic experimental works from the seminal Italo-american artist Aldo Tambellini, a selection of classic documents of one of the first pioneers of video art and audiovisual experimentation from New York east side scene of the 60s and 70s. Unreleased and classic works available for the first time. Curated by Pia Bolognesi e Giulio Bursi. All material is a transfer from the original tapes, non edited and non manipulated. [publisher's note]

Published by Von, 2012
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Price: 20€

TAMBELLINI, Aldo - Cathodic Works 1966-1976