DELANY, Samuel
Bread & Wine

Written by black, gay science-fiction writer, professor, and theorist Samuel R. Delany, and drawn by artist/martial arts instructor Mia Wolff, Bread & Wine, based on the poem oeBread and Wine  by the German lyric poet Friedrich Holderlin, is a graphic autobiography that flashes back to the unlikely story of how Delany befriended Dennis, and how they became an enduring couple "Delany, a professor at Philadelphia (TM)s Temple University, Dennis, an intelligent man living on the streets. For casual readers and fans, Bread & Wine is a moving, sexually charged love story, with visuals informed by Wolff (TM)s professional physical pursuits. Her black-and-white, pen-and-ink work not only expressionistically represents the characters (TM) oebody language  and the bustling New York setting, but is also filled with impish art references and visual puns. [publisher's note]

Published by Fantagraphics Books
Queer Culture / Comics & Illustrations

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DELANY, Samuel - Bread & Wine