MERCHADOU PINEAU, Theophile; CORRALES, Juan (eds.)
Bouquet #1




Bouquet is an occasional publication, dealing with contemporary identites, new kinds of lifestyles and lifeforms. The magazine gathers young people coming from different corners of the globe, who are busy about making objects, playing personas, secreting body fluids, imitating ancient nature from mushroom to flowers.

Bouquet aims to construct links and new platforms, in order to make images and narratives and bring them further than poetic and marketing expectations. Each release is conceived as a specific editorial form, which determinates its contents. The first issue presents a mix of collective and personal stories, under a choral printed format. [publisher’s note]

Contributors: Franziska Bachofen, Juan Corrales, Carolina Domingos, Enantios Dromos, Laetitia Gimenez, Pedro Guilherme Ferreira, Dj Lostboi, Juana Maldonado, Théophile Merchadou Pineau, Nola Poulaille, Harilay Rabenjamina, Amanda Schon, Katja Seiffert.

Self-Published, 2018
Periodicals / Fashion / Queer Culture / Photography

Price: 15€

MERCHADOU PINEAU, Theophile; CORRALES, Juan (eds.) - Bouquet #1