MERCHADOU PINEAU, Theophile; CORRALES, Juan (eds.)
Bouquet #2

Hybrid in form, Bouquet issue no.2 is simultaneously a series of 32 posters, a collection of objects, a collective mood, a discarded film-set, a ritual ground -and a platform for a community of trans and non-conforming artists to script their own complex and discontinuous reality, as both its producers and protagonists.

Formed over a long process of collaboration – throughout its conception, production and collation – Bouquet issue no.2 collages together work from various worldwide contributors. Refusing any simple logic or form, the magazine flickers on the edges of narrative and documentary, politics and poetry, inviting the reader to get rid of themselves within its mirrored portals of shared consciousness.

Bouquet is a collective publishing project, working with the magazine as a hybrid, open form of social practice. This is the second edition of the series, the first published in November 2018.

Self-Published, 2019
Periodicals / Fashion / Queer Culture / Photography

Price: 40€

MERCHADOU PINEAU, Theophile; CORRALES, Juan (eds.) - Bouquet #2