HOFF, James

“Viruses, like art, need a host. Preferably a popular one.”

Interested in ways in which the virus works could mutate and spread socially, Blaster documents James Hoff explorations of computer viruses as agents within the composition process. Specifically, Hoff used the Blaster virus to infect 808 beats and then utilized the mutated results as building blocks for seven new compositions.

Blaster is a timely exploration of the infectious qualities of sound, and how it too, as a carrier, makes it’s way through social networks, reduced to bits and programmed to infiltrate and replicate.

The LP is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. The artwork was constructed using viral images from the artist and typography by Bill Kouligas. [from the publisher note]

Published by PAN, 2014
Design by Bill Kouligas
LPs & EPs / Music & Sound

Price: 18€

HOFF, James - Blaster