FELICORI, Bianca (ed.)
Forgotten Architecture – An Archive of Overshadowed Projects

Initially founded as a Facebook group in May 2019, Forgotten Architecture’s goal is to research and unearth not well known modern architecture worldwide. The idea behind it is simple: to recover projects by little-known architects and works left in the shadows of the masters, to delve into the work of «minor» figures, and to unite alternative takes on the History of Architecture as a complement to university courses.

The book maintains its distinctive features of a collective, dynamic, and horizontal experience born on a social network. The publication uses the architectural categories most frequently featured in the group as guiding themes, providing for each project a collection of photographic materials, documents, and drawings from prominent professional firms, institutions, and private archives—such as Fornasetti, Gaetano Pesce, Nanda Vigo, Vitra. Ephemeral architecture, gas stations, night clubs, playgrounds, houses, vacation resorts,
cemeteries, churches, architectures in music videos.

Several forgotten projects by well renowned architects, such as the house designed for Arnaldo Pomodoro by Ettore Sottsass Jr. and the avant-garde Binishells by Dante Bini, are published exclusively in the book, alongside drive-in churches, flying houses, psychedelic inflatable architectures, etc.

At the end of the book, a series of critical essays reflect on its characteristics as a collective and pedagogical experience, considering the repercussions of this experience on the discipline of architecture through different points of view.

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Published by Nero, 2024

Price: 40€

FELICORI, Bianca (ed.) - Forgotten Architecture – An Archive of Overshadowed Projects