Aftercast is published in the context of the research and exhibition project the humility of plaster (2016-2018), initiated by artist Florian Roithmayr.

Moulding and casting are widely used techniques in modern and contemporary art making. Their use and application can be found in many other areas of production and material transformation not immediately associated with art practices, and in times before casting became an acceptable form of sculptural production in its own right. Plaster as a material remains the same: its inherent properties and qualities don’t change. Moulding and casting are ancient techniques of giving and taking form and shape to objects and sculptures, and they continue to do so. And yet the way casts are symbolised, the way meaning and values are attributed to these works cast in plaster, has often shifted. [publisher’s note]

With texts by Agnieszka Gratza and Alexander Massouras.

Published by Tenderbooks, 2018
Design by Sara De Bondt
Artists' Books / Design

Price: 22€

ROITHMAYR, Florian - Aftercast