A SANDWICH, A WALLET AND A GIRAFFE - booklaunch Resistance by Lyn Hejinian
6 July 2019 07:00PM

uh books publishes “Resistance”: 1. Lyn Hejinian’s unpublished prose poem which (in her better-known essay The Rejection of Closure) the author reads closely as model for various, open, equitable relations between language and things (such as human bodies, as emphasised in 2. a commentary on “Resistance” by Andrea di Serego Alighieri), in 3. an envelope.

with an introduction by Andrea di Serego Alighieri and a recital by Will Holder of Lyn Hejinian’s reading of the poem at 7.30pm.

Poet, essayist, translator, and publisher Lyn Hejinian is a founding figure of the Language poetry movement of the 1970s and an influential force in the world of experimental and avant-garde poetics. She is the author of many poetry collections, including My Life and My Life in the Nineties (Wesleyan University Press, 2013), The Book of a Thousand Eyes (Omnidawn, 2012), The Language of Inquiry (University of California Press), and her landmark work My Life (Burning Deck, 1980). Her latest book Positions of the Sun was published last year by Beladonna*. A native Californian, she is John F. Hotchkis Professor of English at U.C. Berkeley.

Andrea di Serego Alighieri works on projects where a focus on language, writing and translation is of central concern. He studied Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Comparative Literature at the University of Amsterdam. Between 2014/2015 he was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie, post-academic institute for Art, Design and Theory. Forthcoming projects include a volume of Glossator (Open Humanities Press) on Italian poet Cristina Campo, edited together with Nicola Masciandaro.

uh books was set up by Will Holder to publish F.R.DAVID. The disparity between logotype (a) and its phonetic “uh” (say out loud: “a sandwich, a wallet, a giraffe”) points at conversation as model and means for writing; by way of speech, performance and transcription.

 - A SANDWICH, A WALLET AND A GIRAFFE - booklaunch Resistance by Lyn Hejinian