A-R-C Box (Journal + 7"vinyl)

Published in occasion of the Experimental Jetset's Alphabet Reform Committee exhibition at the Volksbühne Pavilion in Berlin, this multiple is a sort of ’time capsule’ (or ‘mini-archive) of the installation, a collaboration between the Amstardam based collective and gospel punk icon Ian Svenonious.

Running from November 2 to December 8, 2018, taking the form of a textual/spatial/sonic intervention and exploring the notion of the city as a platform for language, the exhibition is part of a three-piece program curated by the artist-run initiative Atelier Impopulaire.

Meant for the people who will never see the installation, the box is basically a ‘tool-kit' to recreate the whole installation in the comfort of your own living room!

Limited to 50 copies – numbered 1 to 50. In the box, there is a newspaper (printed in an edition of 500), a postcard (printed in an edition of 350), and a 7-inch single (pressed in an edition of 250) with the sound contribution by Ian Svenonius (and a folded inlay poster).

NB: The price of the box is 45€. The 10€ extra is to cover the shipping costs, it's voluminous!

Self-Published, 2018
Design by Experimental Jetset
Artists' Books / Graphic Design / LPs & EPs

Price: 55€

EXPERIMENTAL JETSET with Ian Svenonius - A-R-C Box (Journal + 7