Work proposes a retrospective look at Hanne Lippard’s singular practice exploring language as a raw materia; it compiles twelve pieces written and recorded between 2009 and 2019, and embraces the physical specificities of different recording environments and showcases the evolution of the artist’s voice over the last decade. Formally, Work deconstructs language through sound, identifying barely perceptible details of everyday speech. Each syllable is enunciated, every beat between words reveals its own signifiance. As Balthazar Lovay pointed out, Hanne Lippard may be vocally reenacting the relationship to mass-media content developed by the “Pictures Generation” artists in the late seventies, but in the age of digital communication. As Lippard re-appropriates corporate speech from financial and tech company slogans to contemporary art museums’ abandoned sound signatures, a subtle criticism of her source material emerges. The more inward-looking pieces that describe a day in her studio, unanswered text mes-sages or future lost earnings underline how such speech infiltrates individual daily life, our identities as well as our tendency to relate to time through consumption. [publisher’s note]

Copies of Work sold at After 8 Books come with a limited edition poster, designed by Ethan Assouline.

Written and recorded by Hanne Lippard
Production by Louis McGuir + Guitar by Paul Benham on B2 - “Modern Spanking Bolero”
Mixed by Alban Schelbert
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Designed by Ethan Assouline
Pictures by Felix Brüggemann

Published by Collapsing Market, 2020
Design by Ethan Assouline
LPs & EPs / Music & Sound / Performance / Poetry

Price: 19€

LIPPARD, Hanne - Work