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ARMAJANI, Siah; DAVIES, Clare (ed.); SUNG, Victoria (ed.) ARMAJANI, Siah; DAVIES, Clare (ed.); SUNG, Victoria (ed.) Siah Armajani: Follow This Line Walker Art Center 2018 Architecture / Monographs 65€ 65€
BLAUVELT, Andrew (ed.) BLAUVELT, Andrew (ed.) Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia Walker Art Center 2015 Book Culture / Counterculture / Exhibition Catalogues / Graphic Design 58€ 58€
KUDO, Tetsumi; CHONG, Doryun (ed.) KUDO, Tetsumi; CHONG, Doryun (ed.) Tetsumi Kudo: Garden Of Metamorphosis Walker Art Center 2008 Monographs 45€ 45€
RUPPERSBERG, Allen RUPPERSBERG, Allen Intellectual Property 1968–2018 Walker Art Center 2018 Monographs 60€ 60€
VARIOUS VARIOUS Graphic Design: Now in Production Walker Art Center Graphic Design / Exhibition Catalogues 37€ 37€