HECKER, Florian; LECKEY, Mark
Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera

Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera was originally presented in 2010 as part of a two-day performance event at the Tate Modern called Push and Pull.

Hecker decomposes, modulates, and re-synthesizes the vocal track from Leckey’s 2010 performance piece “GreenScreenRefrigeratorAction” (for which Leckey intoned the inner monologue of a black Samsung fridge) and his own “3 Channel Chronics” installation from that same year, where distinct sounds from three speakers telescoping down from the ceiling were combined and altered by visitors’ movements. The resulting work is an hybrid in which heavily distorted fragments of Leckey’s narrative intersperse Hecker’s synthetic textures and fidgety tonal patterns. On the PAN release itself, channel 1 from Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera corresponds with side A and channel 2 with side B; channel 3 is available as a monophonic mp3 download.

The LP is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. It includes liner notes by Alex Kitnick, and artwork by Florian Hecker & Bill Kouligas. [from the publisher note]

Published by PAN, 2015
Design by Bill Kouligas
LPs & EPs / Music & Sound

Price: 18€

HECKER, Florian; LECKEY, Mark - Hecker Leckey Sound Voice Chimera