TEETS, Jennifer; MENDES, Margarida; HUNCHUCK, Elise (eds.)
Electric Brine

Flowing, seeping, leaking, cascading, shaping, Electric Brine is a volume of poetry and critical essays by women voices from diverse fields such as literature, geography, media studies, history of life sciences, sociology, and poetics of science and fiction, each of them central to the independent curatorial research entity The World in Which We Occur (TWWWO, 2014-ongoing) and its associated online study group Matter in Flux.

Conceived as an anthology and a register, the book serves as a testimony to the initiative’s long-standing work of creative adaptation and ecological inquiry through a quest to situate a vision of material politics through the lens of six punctuated pieces on flow and fluids. The literary and scientific fabulations found in these pages speak of the conjunction of lived embodiment, the materialized quality of language, and the ability to trigger political imagination through reading, writing and witnessing. Also included in this volume is an appendix documenting TWWWO’s years of invitation and study. [publisher's note]

With texts and contributions by Dionne Brand, Barbara Orland, Sophie Lewis, Esther Leslie, Hannah Landecker, and Lisa Robertson. 

Published by Archive Books, 2021
Design by Sophie Keij & Atelier Brenda
Essays / Poetry / Media Studies / Ecology

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TEETS, Jennifer; MENDES, Margarida; HUNCHUCK, Elise (eds.) - Electric Brine