CURLET, François
Curlet Crésus & Crusoé

Published on the occasion of the artist’s retrospective exhibition at MAC's, this catalogue presents the most comprehensive overview of François Curlet’s practice. Since the end of the 1980s, the French artist has elaborated a body of work through which the material world is dismantled by everyday poetry. Making use of both artifact and philosophy, the artist develops a strategy whereby mental associations take the form of allegories. From existential to trivial matters, his work is open to constant reinvention and surprise, using a vocabulary as close to joyful skepticism as it is to cynical laughter. [publisher's note]

A retrospective of François Curlet's work, ranging from minimalist objects and paintings, appropriations of logos, symbols and daily used objects with a punlike quality, arrangements of old memorabilila of US-elections as political comments, short videos and films. Using at the same time a diverse set of materials and artistic practices, the works form thereby a wide spectrum of artistic production.

Published by Triangle Books, 2018
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CURLET, François - Curlet Crésus & Crusoé