MACARY-CARNEY, Chloé; CHANLIAU, Léticia Chanliau; MALIC, Urška (eds.)
Woman Journal Volume 1

Woman Journal Volume 1 is a book that reunites works that
study the relationships between gender and the notion of
space. More than 20 contributors from around the world and
from different fields participated in this 140-page publication.
The content is heterogeneous, non-normative. It ranges from
photography to essays, poetry to reporting on the experience
of building the first Woman Cave in 2019, in Switzerland.

The Woman Cave is a nomadic safe space for reflecting on the
relationships between gender and space. The Woman Cave
Collective has created a circle of collaborators, met during
the first construction of this space in Switzerland, completed
by an open call for contributors. The publication follows the
principle, proposed by the Cave, of non-hierarchization of
knowledge. It is important that the Woman Cave remains a
place of thought, always active, even outside pivotal moments
of face-to-face, festive discussions. It is from this intention that
the publication was born and also becomes a new space for
non-hierarchical exchange.

Formally, the publication is a 140-page book, A4 format, the
cover is composed simply, with a postcard inserted in it as a
way of inviting exchange and debate once again in a new space
for the collective, that of the edition, the page and the written

With the contributions of :
Yris Apsit, K.E.O. Arch, Aleksandra Belova, Lili- Aster Bird,
Emily Bourne, Federica Buzzi, Dara Cauri, Lhunaha Dedenise,
Jason Dunne, Belen Fe, Olive Goanta, Grégoire Guex-Crosier,
Cléo Hesse, Hannah Jochl, Alexandra Kononchenko, Claire
Logoz, Chelsey Luster, Rebecca Merlic, Amorette Muzingo,
Sophia Orachunwong-Pochet, Nour Ramdaoui, Varnita Sethi,
Phoebe Todd and Serena Vittorini.
This project is created by the Woman Cave Collective, a

transdisciplinary project imagined by architect Chloé Macary-
Carney and created and developped with artist-researcher

Léticia Chanliau and architect Urška Malič.[publisher's note]

Published by Woman Journal, 2021
Periodicals / Gender Studies

Price: 20€

MACARY-CARNEY, Chloé; CHANLIAU, Léticia Chanliau; MALIC, Urška (eds.) - Woman Journal Volume 1