MOSSET, Olivier; JETZ, Gianni (ed.)

When Olivier Mosset bought his first motorcycle — a US Army surplus Harley Davidson — in Paris back in the late 1960s, he helped start up a subculture still wholly unknown in Europe at the time: the motorcycle club. The young painter’s studio on the Rue de Lappe doubled as a hub of radical painting — conceptually reduced black circles on a white canvas — and a garage cum hangout for the first Marxist-influenced motorcycle club, whose members sympathized with the May ’68 student revolts.

Cars and motorcycles have been a driving force in the life and work of Olivier Mosset: as an attitude and lifestyle, as a means of transportation and later, from the mid-1990s, as readymades. Wheels retraces his artistic career through the interplay between motor vehicles and painting, including brief descriptions of each vehicle he used and how it ties into his biography. [ publisher's note]

Published by Edition Patrick Frey, 2018
Design by Teo Schifferli
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MOSSET, Olivier; JETZ, Gianni (ed.) - Wheels